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ALLY Foyle Ltd, Derry

Established in 2004, ALLY Foyle is a network of community groups in the Derry City & Strabane DC area reaching out to older people (aged 50+) to encourage their inclusion and engagement towards greater community involvement.  During the pandemic, volunteers have been unable to visit clubs, day centres and other organisations (being temporarily closed) and many older people have been unable to attend (having to ‘shield’ at home).  So ALLY Foyle has been working to plan and deliver a range of active, social, recreational, creative, physical and advisory on-line programmes in order to communicate and continue providing support and guidance.  They sought funding towards a new laptop + security software to be able to reach out to older people through social media, e-mails and on-line newsletters.  And facilitator fees to help with creating and editing on-line video activities.  Councillor Dobbins spoke favourably of the group’s work, and the Committee awarded a grant of £1,200.