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Christ Church Thursday Club

Founded in 2017, The Thursday luncheon Club (held at The Acorn Centre in the grounds of St Peter’s Church on Culmore Road) has grown in numbers – from just a dozen parishioners to some 50 local people aged between 50 and 95 years of all denominations and levels of ability (both mentally and physically).  And gone from strength of strength – offering companionship, comradeship, a range of activities (including music, games, quizzes, books and newspapers) and indeed a lifeline to its members …… until Covid hit.  But, upon re-opening after lockdown, it became evident that many of their members have suffered significant loss of mobility and agility due to lack of exercise and their inability to get outdoors because of government restrictions.  So an application was made for funding towards new chairs – stackable (due to lack of storage), vinyl (easily sanitised after each use) and with all important arms to offer some independence getting in and out without having to ask for assistance.  The Committee were very supportive of this request and agreed a grant of £1,240 – to avoid the need for further fund-raising efforts and ensure that every member had a comfortable chair.