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Churches Trust : Standing Together With Those in Need

Founded/Established in 1993 by Church leaders who acknowledged that deprivation and disadvantage are key barriers to a united community, equality of opportunity and good relations, The Churches Trust links the four denominations in the city of Derry and reaches across all communities in a unique and practical way to deliver services and projects on an equitable basis to the unemployed; young people; elderly; individual and families disadvantaged through low education attainment and/or low income levels.  The Trust sought funding towards the Columba~Colmcille Schools’ Project (Phase II) – working with the Fountain, Nazareth House and Longtower Primary schools on a drama themed project which will engage up to 90 children from mixed faith traditions on the theme of celebrating Columba, something that is common to all those communities.  The Committee heard how the Trust has great standing in the city and an ability to bring all creeds together, and offered a grant of £3,000 towards project facilitation fees; participant travel; venue hire; publicity/promotion; etc.