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Cross Glebe Community Association, Coleraine

Founded in 2000, Cross Glebe Community Association provides support to residents of the Cross Glebe Ward, a highly deprived area of Coleraine.  Recognising that lockdowns have been very difficult for everyone – particularly affecting children who have been forced to remain at home; miss school; and extra-curricular activities normally available to them, CGCA sought funding to run Rangers Soccer Academy football camp during the summer holidays.  Focusing on health and nutrition as well as football skills, the scheme will engage 48 children between the ages of 6-14 for three hours a day over 21-24 July.  Alderman Duddy spoke of the need for projects to assist children following lockdown and in particular in areas of high deprivation such as the Glebe.  On this note, a grant of £1,000 was agreed.