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Derganagh Training and Development Association (DTDA), Magherafelt

Based in the village of Knockloughrim, near Magherafelt, DTDA is a voluntary rural community group offering education and vocational training to local people; improving citizenship; and encouraging community regeneration and development.  The Association usually organises and hosts a range of events and activities open to the entire community, using the local Orange Hall as a ‘community hub’.  And, more recently, has played an integral part in addressing the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns.  In an effort to continue providing a location from where a wide range of community-based social, development and economic renewal activities can be delivered, the Association sought funding towards new kitchen equipment – including a double oven electric cooker, fridge and hot food chafing dishes.  The Committee agreed that the DTDA undertook good work in the village and agreed a Drapers’ Company grant of £1,000 so that they could get their premises ship shape for re-opening as soon as conditions allowed.