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Dromore St Dympna’s GAA, Co. Tyrone

Situated in the heart of the village, Dromore St Dympna’s GFC operates in one of the most highly deprived areas where local people face physical or financial challenges accessing or using basic services such as leisure and health centres, GPs surgeries and/or pharmacies, and there are ever-increasing levels of economic activity.  As a result, the Club feels a duty to lead in the provision of programmes and activities that inspire the local community to live healthier and happier lives.  To ensure they have adequate stocks of equipment that encourage people to use sport and recreation to boost their overall well-being, the Club applied for funding towards updating and replenishing items in their training kit.  Learning that St Dympna’s has over 500 members ranging in age from P1 children to pensioners, the Committee was content to approve a grant of £650 from the Clothworker’s NI Fund for balls, bibs, bottles and bags – monies for which will be paid when training recommences.