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Ederney St Joseph’s GAC, Fermanagh

Woven into the very fabric of the community, Ederney St Joseph’s GAC, has been providing high quality sporting, social and recreational activities for young and old for almost 100 years.  And the Club works together with local charities, community groups and other sports associations to ensure everyone has the best possible opportunities to improve their physical and mental health and overall wellbeing – from keep fit classes, walking clubs, litter sweeps, plus coffee mornings and seasonal events.  Having experienced difficult times during the pandemic (an interrupted season and some age groups unable to compete in games/tournaments), the Club sought assistance with the purchase of additional footballs, bibs and training equipment – which would enable young people to simply walk through their gates once it is safe to return, pick up a ball and play without having to worry about financial implications.  The Committee endorsed a grant of £600 from The Clothworkers’ NI Fund being awarded.