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Féis Doíre Cholmcílle

Since 1922, Féis Doíre Cholmcílle has been a bedrock of the cultural life of Derry and its hinterlands.  In addition to compiling a selection of 60 songs previously performed at the Féis but not so much recently, FDC intends to hold a gala concert at the Millennium Forum on 24 April 2022 to celebrate its centenary year.  They have approached many well-known musicians who have committed to taking part – in both the online recording plus associated DVD and gala concert, and sought £1,000 towards hire of the venue.  Cllr Angela Dobbins commended the Feis on running for 100 years and referred to the City of Stars, many who have come through the Feis.  The Governor also gave a mention to Abbie McGlinchey, who the Irish Society’s party had heard sing during their visit to St Marys College the previous day and would also be performing at the concert.  On which points the Committee was happy to offer a grant of £1,000.  Buy tickets for the event at