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Foyle Racing Pigeon Society, Derry

Providing a vital service to the local pigeon fraternity, Foyle Racing Pigeon Society’s Daisyfield base acts as an HQ for the local area in centre racing with the NIPA where all the pigeon men from Limavady to Omagh come to racemark their birds and participate in the section events that take place in these areas.  Among other initiatives to update and improve their facilities / premises and make their sport more accessible, FRPS applied for funding towards the purchase of a transporter in order to collect birds from their older members and those who don’t drive and may have had to go out of the sport due to the lack of transport.  They believe this will, in turn, help the club achieve its goal of being more environmentally-friendly – by removing a good number of individual vehicles from the road and thereby reducing carbon emissions.  The Committee acknowledged the club was making great efforts to re-open again following lockdown restrictions – and offer their HQ to the wider community for a variety of uses – and approved a grant of £750.