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Gran Tots Playgroup, Swatragh

Under its “Technology for Tots” project – responding to the Covid pandemic and a natural evolution of the Group’s previous investment in IT for pre-school children – Gran Tots Playgroup sought funding to replace now redundant PCs, traditional keyboards and mouse attachments with touch sensitive technologies.  They believed the transition to iPads with touch screen functionality was essential in keeping with advances in technology; offers young children an introduction to e-learning and the internet in a safe and controlled environment; and provides the best possible preparation for entry into the education system and society in general.  And, in accordance with government guidelines, the loan of iPads will allow children to continue with their pre-school education from home and stay in touch via Zoom.  Acknowledging the urgent need for IT in current circumstances, the Committee agreed a grant of £950 obo The Drapers’ Company to purchase the iPads costed in the application.  Gran Tots contacted us after the iPads had been bought to tell us how they were being used to develop the children’s fine motor skills; hand/eye co-ordination; and offered an opportunity to ‘test’ their ability to take turns and share – “as the iPads are very popular in Playgroup”!