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Greysteel Community Enterprise

Originally established to help regenerate the area following the impact of the Troubles, and with health and social well-being at the heart of its existence, Directors and staff of Greysteel Community Enterprise have worked diligently throughout the Covid-19 crisis to support the needs of local people by taking daily meals to elderly; delivering boxes of groceries to 40 vulnerable adults; offering activity packs to 100 children; and providing isolation packs to other community members.  They have also run on-line musical programmes and fitness training.  And, whilst they have availed of government assistance to continue paying staff wages, GCE has struggled to meet monthly overheads as many income streams have dried up.  The Committee appreciated the financial pressures resulting from Covid-19 and recognised the valuable work undertaken by GCE and awarded £1,000 obo The Drapers’ Company towards utilities, telephone and security services, and insurance.