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Lincoln Court Football Club, Derry

Since its inception in 1988, LCFC has developed into an open and diverse club with members from all backgrounds across the city and draws support from the wider Waterside and Londonderry area.  Currently fielding two senior teams and providing a mini soccer school “Mini Casuals” for local children of all ages to develop their skills, the Club also encourages physical, social and personal wellbeing through briefing sessions on topics such as training plans, nutrition and emotional wellbeing – all intended to contribute to fit and healthy lifestyles.  The Club sought funding to purchase team kits and tracksuits, training equipment and a new laptop to help with admin.  Alderman McClintock was aware of the Club and spoke of the huge social difficulties in this area.  Cllr Tierney agreed and added that anything which could help the local children and young people would be appreciated.   The Committee agreed to award the £1,000 requested in the application.