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Lisnaskea Emmets GAA, Fermanagh

Formed in 1904, Lisnaskea Emmets GAA is embedded in the very fabric of its community – providing local people with high quality, affordable and accessible social, sporting and recreational opportunities.  But, currently in complete lockdown, the Club has suspended membership fees for the season (traditionally February-October) while all GAA activity has been postponed until further notice.  And local sponsorship has dried up as operators re-focus efforts on keeping their own businesses afloat.  So – with no source of income – the Club looked to the Irish Society for help to purchase new equipment, ensuring that they can provide high quality programmes and activities when lockdown is lifted and the sporting world gets back to normality.  The Committee recognised the need for local facilities in the most isolated and rural areas of Northern Ireland and endorsed a grant of £750 from the Clothworker’s NI Fund – which will be paid when training activities recommence.