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Priorians Hockey Club, Derry

As a community sports club, Priorians Hockey Club is reliant on the support of its members and sponsors to ensure financial sustainability.  But, during the pandemic, the Club has been forced to cancel or postpone fund-raising events; members have been unable to participate in tournaments; and training has been sporadic in between nationwide lockdowns.  Anxious to ensure that post-Covid the Club continues to thrive, they sought to replace worn equipment with state of the art kit and encourage members to return and continue using hockey as a platform to live healthier and happier lives.  They also require additional kit as they hope to offer a free summer camp to encourage and uplift people following the lockdown and curtailment of team sports.  Councillor Hilary McClintock was familiar with this well-established Club, enjoying an excellent reputation and good mix of membership across the divide, and was happy to support the application.  The Committee agreed a grant of £1,000 to cover the items costed in the Club’s shopping list.