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Quoile Yacht Club, Downpatrick

First established in 1958 by a small team of enthusiastic sailors on the salt water side of the Quoile River barrier on Strangford Lough, Quoile Yacht Club strives to engage people of all ages and backgrounds in yachting, sailing, motor-boating, and other water sport – making them more accessible to everyone.  The Club also aims to promote the many associated benefits, which include better physical and mental health and improvement in overall wellbeing.  And seeks to educate people on environmental issues, marine life and conservation.  However, Covid-19 has had an impact on usual activities and programmes, and the Club sought help with the purchase of new equipment essential to upholding safety and compliance as they return to the water after a long hiatus.  The Committee endorsed a grant of £500 from The Clothworkers’ NI Fund towards various items on the Club’s shopping list and to ensure they can continue to operate within regulations outlined by the Royal Yachting Association and UK Government guidelines.