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Strule United Football Club, Omagh

One Goal. One Vision.

The Omagh area has been a hotbed of sporting talent for decades, and Strule Utd FC was founded (following the untimely demise of several high-profile local football clubs) to provide high quality and accessible leisure opportunities – primarily through association football – for people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds.  In addition to learning new skills on the field of play, the Club has facilitated workshops on drug and alcohol abuse; mental health problems; cross community relations; and advice on nutrition and hydration – striving to enhance members’ overall well-being, boost their self-esteem and use football as a hook to embrace positive social and personal changes in their day to day lives.  As with other club applications, they sought funding to help replenish equipment and ensure they have modern and safe to use kit ahead of the new football season.  And, again, the Committee ratified a grant of £500 from the Clothworkers’ NI Fund towards footballs, flat markers and numbered training bibs plus an all-important physio first aid kit.