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The Olive Branch (#WeAreHereToHelp), Coleraine

Formed in 2017 with a vision to offer a free-of-charge, self-referral, no-appointment-necessary professional counselling service in Magherafelt (extending to Coleraine in 2020 and Ballymena in 2021), The Olive Branch’s Coleraine office has three qualified counsellors on hand to work with clients suffering from depression, anxiety, grief, and/or experiencing suicidal thoughts.  Despite the amazing work done by the NHS, there are still gaps in mental health services and waiting lists remain lengthy.  So, The Olive Branch is always busy, but has many success stories told through client testimonials.  However, they are now required to record sessions with children (who they stressed are accompanied by adults at all times) and sought funding for this.  Cllr Yvonne Boyle was keen to support any additional mental health services – especially in the wake of the pandemic, the impact of which was still unclear.  The Committee therefore agreed to award a grant of £1,245 to meet the full cost of two Covtek recording cameras with hard drive storage.