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Augher Stars Football Club

Originally founded in 1900, a group of passionate people got together in 2016 to reform the Club and have been going from strength to strength ever since.  Covering the entire Clogher Valley area, Augher Stars now has over 100 members.  And with increasing numbers of young girls joining they are keen to develop their first ladies’ team and encourage female volunteer coaching roles.  The Club also engages with Disability Sport NI and sought funding towards upgrading and energy efficient works to make their changing area more accessible, inclusive and welcoming to disabled people, women and girls.  Learning that other nearby ‘partners’ (Augher Central Primary School; the Clogher Valley Show; MU Wellness Association and Tullymeadows Community Association, to name but a few) use the Club’s grounds, buildings, parking and other facilities and will also benefit from the upgrade works, the Committee was happy to endorse a grant of £750 from the Clothworkers’ Company NI Fund.