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Ballysally Primary School : Learning Through Nurturing

The staff of Ballysally Primary School are keen to promote the physical and mental health of their pupils through their Hobbies Club.  Unfortunately, as the pitch is water-logged and unplayable for the vast majority of the season, the School is unable to include football in their activities without renting Council pitches in Ballysally estate.  Being located in the highly deprived area of Ballysally, the School struggles to obtain extra financial assistance outside of the Department of Education and so sought funding towards the cost of pitch hire (£19 for an hour every Friday afternoon) over 36 weeks plus the purchase of sports equipment (balls, pumps, water bottles, etc) – totalling £954.  Cllr George Duddy was fully supportive of everything the School sought to achieve by offering/encouraging a wide range of hobbies – from sports to arts and crafts, cooking and gardening, sewing to name but a few.  The Committee was therefore more than happy to award a grant of £954 as requested.