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Belfast Trojans American Football Club, Belfast

Belfast Trojans is a very successful, champion winning and amateur (not-for-profit) American football club located in south Belfast but, as a growing sport in Ireland, attracts members from all over NI – from both sides of the community and many minority ethnic groups, regardless of age, gender, background or ability.  And, driven by an unmistakeable amateur and volunteer ethos, strives to strengthen the local community spirit; build trust; and provide a sense of place – open to players, non-players and social members and offering events and activities for all:  functions, and fund-raisers; to mental health workshops and other such programmes.  The Club needs to replace the rusty, leaking storage container which currently houses their kit and equipment and sought a contribution to the overall cost of £3,000.  The Committee agreed that a grant of £500 from The Clothworkers’ NI Fund would help to lessen the financial burden for The Club.