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Burnfoot Utd Football Club

Founded in 1975 by local man, Ralph Faulkner (who is still actively involved in the Club and serves as Treasurer), Burnfoot United enjoys healthy competition in the North West Football League.  Run with the dedication and commitment of volunteers, the Club is at the forefront of breaking down social and religious exclusion in the area and provides a safe place for males to socialise, exercise and improve their mental health.  With limited finances – and missing out on various amenities offered to neighbouring ‘renewal’ areas – they sought funding towards training equipment, kits, first aid supplies and match fit footballs.  Councillor Guy added that this rural cross-community group had carried out a lot of self-fund-raising and was worthy of additional support.  Alderman McClintock also noted that payment to referees and rental of the premises accounted for a large proportion of the Club’s expenses.  On this note, a grant of £700 was awarded.