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Cantemus Choir NI, Coleraine

Preparing to record a CD of pieces in their repertoire – an eclectic mix of music for liturgical use, the Cantemus Choir NI sought funding to help cover their production costs.  Cllr Angela Dobbins referred to the budget for launching the CD at a Cantemus concert in St Patrick’s Church, Coleraine, in October 2022.  She was aware how churches have suffered throughout the pandemic and suggested heating/lighting and other costs associated with the launch would be difficult to bear.  Cllr Duddy agreed and with that in mind, plus an expectation that part of the funding be shared with St Patrick’s, the Committee was unanimous in meeting the request in full and a grant of £1,000 was awarded.  Find out more via their Facebook pages, or follow the Choir on Twitter @cantemus_ni.