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Carnalridge Primary School PTA, Portrush

As a committee of parents and friends, Carnalridge PS PTA endeavours to work towards providing their children with the best inclusive learning environment possible and ensuring they have interactive resources in the classroom.  As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the PTA has a backlog of projects for new equipment both in the classrooms and playground and wished to take advantage of an offer to replace projectors with reduced installation costs by purchasing in pairs and applied for funding to assist with this.  The Secretary confirmed that the provision of projectors was not covered by the Education Authority.  The Committee was well aware of budget restraints within the education system, and understood that Carnalridge PS was no different, so agreed to award an Irish Society grant of £1,000 towards the purchase of two projectors plus associated cabling kits and installation.  Check out ‘Fundraising Made Easy’ to find out how raise money for the benefit of all the children at Carnalridge via