The Honourable
The Irish Society

Committed to serving the community

Causeway Borough of Sanctuary, Coleraine

Promoting respect for inclusivity/diversity, Causeway Borough of Sanctuary offers support, information, events and activities from a diverse range of individuals and organisations in the Coleraine, Ballymoney, Moyle and Limavady areas.  The organisation applied for funding to assist the transport needs of asylum seeks in Portstewart (who receive a weekly allowance of £39.63 and are unable to work) to attend the Mosque at Coleraine.  As Chair of the organisation (the Council co-ordinates cross-borough support), Alderman Yvonne Boyle declared a potential conflict of interest but advised how refugees struggle to re-launch themselves in a strange country.  And, recognising the need to facilitate integration and cultural support, the Committee agreed a grant of £1,920 to cover return minibus trips over 16 weeks.