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Founded in 1996 by Richard Moore who was blinded as a 10 year old boy in 1972 during the Northern Ireland conflict, Children in Crossfire supports projects helping some of the most vulnerable children on the planet that suffer from the injustice of poverty.  Like many organisations, since the Covid-19 pandemic began CiC has had to make radical changes to its public engagement work and keep hundreds of young people, youth groups, schools and the wider community informed and motivated.  CiC Derry reinvented its development education resources, training courses, activity packs and communication methods to make use of video, podcasts; virtual learning and other digital methods – which proved very successful and generated much positive feedback (as well as interest from many new supporters who would not have learned about the organisation if it had not reached out online).  Learning so much about – and now wishing to take full advantage of – digital communication, an application was made for funding towards the purchase of an Apple MacBook Pro with capability for film-making and editing, image processing, podcasting, virtual teaching and learning packs, e-newsletters, etc.  Members were aware of this large international charity and the associated running costs and agreed a grant of £1,000 to enable CIC Derry to upgrade its software – crucial in providing the standard of digital content that reflects the value they place on their audience and importance of the message of Children in Crossfire.