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Churchlands Golden Gloves ABC, Coleraine

Established 18 years ago to bring young people from both sides of the community together and get involved in sport to help improve strained relationships within the locality, the Club went from location to location (car washes, church halls and farm barns) humbly making do with donated equipment until it found its current home at Coleraine Community West.  And it is immensely proud to be open to all members of the community, offering a family atmosphere – and different path for some troubled by drink, drugs or violence.  CGG sought funding towards replacing original kit and refreshing training and safety equipment in the gym.  Learning that it had been some time since the Club has had new equipment, and acknowledging the need to ensure young boxers’ safety, the Committee agreed a grant of £1,500 to cover the cost of new headguards and gloves and other items on their ‘shopping list’.