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Dennett Valley Men’s Shed, Donemana, Co. Derry

Following years of deliberations and negotiations to use the Parochial Hall (a building which had fallen into a state of disrepair) as a base for a project promoting healthier physical and mental lifestyles and addressing the impact of social and rural isolation amongst residents in the village and wider community of the Dennett Valley, the Men’s Shed was created in 2019.  Operating under the guidance of the Dennett Valley Health Network group, they currently have some 33 members and continue to grow.  The voluntary effort in reclaiming the site has strengthened community cohesion – many new relationships have been formed and old ones re-established during refurbishment of the Hall.  A good many members are single / widowed and the whole social fabric of their lives has been adversely affected by recent lockdowns and restrictions.  Their latest project (to erect poly-tunnels and offer gardening tools, buckets, pots, compost, etc. for growing flowers and vegetables) has now reached a point where secure storage facilities have become a major requirement.  And, having already put foundations and an electricity supply in place, the group sought funding towards the purchase and installation of a 30/40 foot shipping container.  Alderman McClintock spoke in favour of this application from a very rural group and, on her recommendation, a grant of £1,500 obo The Drapers’ Company was offered – on the understanding that the sum would be match-funded by other organisations also approached.