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Derry City & Strabane District Council Multiagency Partners, Enagh Lough

Following the tragic loss of two young lives in a drowning incident at Enagh Lough last year, an application was made for funding towards the implementation of mitigation measures arising from the RSOPA Risk Assessment, in particular the urgent need for signage in relation to the depth of the Lough and more rescue / life-saving apparatus.  The Secretary took the opportunity to thank Mayor Sandra Duffy for convening two multi-agency meetings to discuss and seek measures to prevent future incidents at this large expanse of water.  He also advised that the Governor, Deputy Governor and DG Elect had visited the site the previous day; he reminded members the Irish Society owns fishing rights on the Lough which are currently leased to Enagh Country Park but it does not own the Lough bed, the jetty(s) and/or any infrastructures.  Alderman George Duddy also knows the area well and was fully supportive of the application.  Welcoming the multi-agency approach to address the complex issues associated with ownership and management of the Lough, the Committee agreed an Irish Society grant of £2,000 was appropriate.