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Drumahoe Community Association

Created in 2008, Drumahoe Community Association has run numerous events over the years – including an annual Summer Fun Day in order to bring people of the area together, reduce social isolation and improve community cohesion.  More important than ever this year, the 2021 Fun Day is planned in partnership with the local primary school and preschool playgroup and has a Centenary element to it.  But, due to the very unusual events brought about by the pandemic, DCA had been unable to fundraise and so sought assistance from the Irish Society.  Both Aldermen Duddy and Councillor Warke supported this application and a grant of £1,000 obo The Drapers’ Company was awarded – towards the cost of Full Swing Inflatables.  We later learned that a successful Fun Day was held in September, with the grant money used of offset hire costs for the inflatables.