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Dungiven Regeneration Club : creating a more colourful future through arts and crafts

Aiming to regenerate the Dungiven area aesthetically through Arts & Crafts, DRC applied for funding towards delivering / facilitating two workshops – the first dealing with health issues; the second a ceramics class, both designed to reduce social isolation and improve the lives of the Dungiven community.  The Club’s premises on Dungiven Main Street also provide the ideal location for local crafters to exhibit, promote and sell their products through their Craft Shop.  In an effort to ensure that classes are accessible financially to all, the Committee agreed to offer a grant of £1,275 obo The Drapers’ Company to cover the cost of 4x two-hour health and wellbeing workshops for up to 12 people and a six-week course of ceramics classes (6x two hours) also for 12 people.