The Honourable
The Irish Society

Committed to serving the community

End of an Era and New Beginnings

29 February 2024 marked the end of an era as Edward Montgomery (pictured left) retired as Secretary of The Honourable The Irish Society after some 28 years in post.  Through his leadership, and with the help of Trustees, the Society has managed to increase its annual investment of grants from £40k in 1997 to £250k in this current year.

Having now handed over the reins to our new Secretary & Chief Executive, Duane Farrell (pictured right), Trustees look forward to further development of the charity – continuing to support important community, cultural and educational work through the North West; acting as custodian of the River Bann and many tributaries through management of fish stocks and maintaining a healthy and vibrant waterway for people living in and visiting NI; and linking NI to the work of the City of London, culturally, economically and socially.