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Foyle Child Contact Centre, Derry

Founded in 2005 by a steering group of individuals from faith organisations in and around County Londonderry, Foyle Child Contact Centre is a voluntary organisation which works in the North West supporting children and young people in maintaining relationships with a parent or other family members they no longer live with.  Some 1,000 families and 250 children have already benefitted from FCCC’s services; they also signpost adults to other organisations such as Women’s Aid, HURT, The Dads’ Project.  FCCC applied for funding to replace/update various items that have become damaged or worn over the years, including a PS5 Console Bundle and three PS5 games; television, a wooden play fort, kitchen table and chairs, bucket armchairs and a rug.  Cllr Sean Mooney spoke of the great work carried out by the group and, acknowledging the need for a safe space to meet – and the benefits of a wide range of rich play activities for children and young people who have often witnessed domestic or substance abuse, mental health episodes, etc – the Committee agreed to award an Irish Society grant of £1,500.

The Centre contacted us in the new year to confirm that “The grant has enabled us to create a warm and attractive environment in which children, young people and their contact relative can relax and rebuild a positive relationship.  Our clients have noticed the improvements and commented very positively on the new chairs, kitchen furniture and option of being able to use the PS5 on a working television.  This is important for the older children and provides an opportunity for a shared gaming experience which would be available if they were in a home setting.  The generosity of the Honourable The Irish Society also demonstrates to our families that we value them and want to provide the very best facilities we can.  On our current financial resources, we could not have provided the improvements for quite some time, if ever.  We are extremely grateful”.