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Gasyard Wall Féile, Derry

In collaboration with numerous organisations and through a commitment by a multitude of groups, initiatives and volunteers who come together every year, Gasyard Féile has become the biggest community arts and cultural festival in the North West – attracting over 20,000 people to the programme of events.  In addition to this, Gasyard Wall Féile delivers various projects throughout the year and, in this case, sought funding to enable six young men from St Mary’s Youth Club to participate in Sanctuary 2022 (an arts installation project in Bedworth, Warwickshire) – offering them the opportunity to further their own ambitions for citizenship and community development.  Councillor Dobbins suggested that any project which took young people out of the interface area was well worthy of support and the Committee, agreeing this was a great opportunity, approved a grant of £2,000 towards expenses set out in the application.