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Harp presentation to Loreto College

After receiving a grant from The Irish Society in October 2023, the Loreto Harp Orchestra reported that they were “delighted to be able to purchase an Irish harp which was handmade by Brian Waugh from Turmeenan Harps.  The College applied for the grant so that those harpists who do not have their own instrument or travel to school by bus (which would make transportation difficult) are equally able to play in the orchestra.

Duane Farrell, Secretary and CEO of The Irish Society, visited the school and presented the harp to Sinéad Close – a Year 13 pupil who is the director of the Orchestra.  He was very happy to see that the harp has gone to such a good home and was assured that it will be put to good use by the Orchestra’s harp players for many years to come.  He also acknowledged Loreto’s thanks to The Irish Society “for such a generous contribution to our school community” – they were “extremely grateful”.