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Institute Football Club, Derry

Institute FC is a semi-professional association football club fielding a range of youth teams from 6-20 years of age to compete in the NIFL Championship.  Founded in 1905, they are based in Derry and (having lost their Drumahoe ground in the 2017 flooding) currently play their home matches at the Brandywell.  In 2019, the Club undertook a strategic review and recently launched their 2019-2024 ‘People; Potential; Performance’ plan setting out a roadmap to rebuild their home and lay foundations for a vibrant and sustainable club that can achieve success both on and off the pitch – connecting with the local community and offering equal and quality opportunities for young people.  The Club sought funding towards the purchase of a computer and printer which will assist with their administration duties, marketing and social media presence.  Alderman McClintock informed the Committee that the Club had struggled on many fronts since their grounds were destroyed by flooding in August 2017.  However, they have survived and are well worthy of support.  On her recommendation, a grant of £600 obo The Drapers’ Company was awarded.