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Liberty Consortium, Derry

Project Sparks

Working through Liberty ConsortiumProject Sparks trains artistically talented disabled young people to teach music and dance to primary school children.  The Project sought financial assistance to buy an electric piano which will be used to enhance the musical collaboration between their talented young Leaders and the disadvantaged children they teach – not only strengthening the Young Leaders’ employment opportunities but also maximising opportunities for children to engage in the arts at an early age.  The grant will help Project Sparks deliver on all future programmes and within a post-COVID environment – where restrictions may require a blended approach comprised of online classes and socially distanced workshops.  Councillor Dobbins also spoke highly of the good work carried out by this organisation and, on her recommendation, the Committee was pleased to award £741 to meet the total cost of the electric piano, carry case and jack-to-jack cable detailed in the application.  Eamonn McCarron (Project Sparks Manager) e-mailed to “sincerely thank The Honourable The Irish Society for granting Project Sparks a grant to purchase much needed music equipment” and referred to the Project’s “social-media and video tutorials for children”.  We look forward to receiving a full report at a later date.