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McCullagh’s Amateur Boxing Club, Belfast

Established in 2019 by the family of boxing trainer Paul McCullagh, McCullagh’s ABC runs classes, training sessions and competitions for all ages and promotes boxing as a means to good health and the wellbeing of people living in Dunmurry and surrounding areas – without distinction of race, gender, political and or religious belief.

The Club aims to promote fitness, discipline, friendship, fair play and respect for everyone in the community – particularly young people, offering an outlet and constructive alternative to anti-social behaviour.  They believe that money should not be a deciding factor for those interested in participating, and that their activities should be affordable to all.  With that in mind, the Club sought financial assistance with the purchase of additional mats, boxing bags and gloves for their youth section so that they can operate in accordance with Coronavirus guidelines.  The Committee welcomed the opportunity to free up Club funds to pay core running costs, and endorsed a grant of £750 from The Clothworkers’ NI Fund.

We received a Grant Report from the Club expressing their appreciation for “… being able to update our equipment by purchasing new bags, gloves and skipping ropes …  It has given the Club and the kids a renewed sense of pride and we are able to give the children more training time” as they no longer have to share kit.