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Megargy & District Game Society, Magherafelt

Formed in 1989 as a local sporting gun club, MDGCS soon identified the need for sustainable game and wildlife in the area and took on the role of establishing an environment, planting game crops / wild bird cover to support the native Grey Partridge.  The Conservation Society now plants up to 10 acres every year, supporting farmers’ arable land and their own cost.  With a lack of toilet facilities at their yard and shed on Carmean Road, they applied for funding towards the purchase of a portable flushing toilet cubicle – which can also be used for annual events attended by local landowners and farmers.  The Secretary advised that MDGCS is well known to the Irish Society as they currently hold a Sporting Rights Licence for lands within HIS ownership and confirmed they undertake a good deal of conservation – working with farmers to maintaining hedges, etc.  On his recommendation the Committee agreed a grant of £1,000 split between the Irish Society and Drapers’ Company funds.  Members of MDGCS asked their Chairman to write expressing “our thanks and appreciation for the support which is so helpful in further developing progress within our club” and advising that the toilet cubicle had now been purchased and work to install the unit would be carried out shortly.  The Chairman added that “MGCS have applied this year for the Purdey Awards [for Game and Conservation], having won Silver in this event in 2016.  It is fitting and of great benefit to receive this financial support at this time.  Please pass on our thanks to the Drapers Company for their part in supporting the grant aid.  Thank You once again on behalf of the members of MDGCS”.