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Millie Farmer, Limavady

A 16-year old girl from Limavady High School (studying for her GCSEs), Millie has been selected to represent team Ireland competing in the MMA Youth World Championships in Abu Dhabi in August.  A self-funded trip, and in addition to securing part-time work to help boost her savings, she sought financial assistance with travel and accommodation costs.  Recognising the level of expenses likely to be incurred in Abu Dhabi, and the Mayor suggesting Millie would also be representing her local community, the Committee was content to award an increased individual grant of £750.
We also learned that one of Millie’s team mates, Timothy Oland (who we gave a grant to in October 2022 to attend the Helsinki International Championships 2022 in Finland) won Gold for Team NI out of 49 countries that entered the Youth World Championships.  And we hope they are both proud of their achievements.