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Portrush Heritage Group

As its contribution to a Community Arts & Heritage Festival being run in September-October 2022, Portrush Heritage Group applied for funding towards the production of Pop-Up display banners for a “Royal Connections” exhibition in Portrush shop windows.  Alderman Norman Hillis declared an interest as a member of the Group, but offered some background information – how they had continued to operate throughout the pandemic by developing a Heritage Trail app; their ability to reach across all communities; and great enthusiasm for the work they do.  Whilst some funding had already been offered by other organisations approached, the Governor suggested awarding a grant of £1,000 (as requested in the application).  And the Committee was more than happy to agree.

John McNally BEM (Chairman of PHG) wrote in July to advise that, as a result of funding from the Irish Society, the order for banners had been placed with Impact  (a graphic design, print production and book publishing company based in Ballycastle) for delivery in September.  He also reported that, emerging from Covid closures and a ‘ban’ on face-to-face meetings, PHG intended to start running monthly ‘hybrid’ Heritage Evenings in the Autumn.  And the Irish Society’s Secretary was invited to join one of these in the New Year to speak to members about the work of the charity.