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Portrush Sea Cadets : a different kind of adventure

Intending to introduce two new disciplines – kayaking and paddle-boarding – to their members, Portrush Sea Cadets sought to equip two qualified volunteers and their safety boat crew with the correct clothing to protect them from the elements as they spend a lot of time in/on the water before, during and after training sessions.  A covering letter from the Chairman set out how this independent youth development charity (part of the UK’s oldest nautical youth organisations) operates, using waterborne activities and training to help disadvantaged young people to become confident, organised and good communicators.  Cllr George Duddy was pleased to support any group enabling young people to thrive; Cllr Yvonne Boyle echoed these thoughts; and the Committee agreed a grant of £965 to meet the cost of three Drysuits and three pairs of Aero Boots.