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Roe Valley Enterprises Ltd

Founded in 1992 to support urban and rural regeneration within Limavady, Roe Valley Enterprises’ work focuses on offering financial, technical and advisory services for new business ideas; growth and development of existing businesses; and supporting community members through capacity and skill building programmes which enable them to enter work, education and training.  They are currently in the process of creating space within a town centre location which provides the facilities and equipment to run accredited, vocational or personal development group workshops for local residents – particularly those who are unemployed or from disadvantaged backgrounds.  And hope the facility will further develop existing relationships and improve links with local colleges, schools and community groups.  With the hub having capacity to bring the private, public and third sectors together, they also believe the project will dovetail with opportunities for placements or volunteering – to gain work experience through local businesses they already work closely with.  The charity sought funding to equip/furnish the new space.  And, learning of the desire to develop the capacity and skills of local people – enabling them to harness and use their creativity to start and develop businesses, the Committee agreed a grant of £800 obo the Drapers’ Company.