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Sean Doran’s ABC, Keady, Armagh

Started in 1980 by the late Sean Doran, Sean Doran’s ABC is a youth boxing club based in rural South Armagh that has become one of the most successful sports groups in the area.  But some of their kit is over 20 years old; has become worn; outdated; and in some cases dangerous to use.  The Club also planned to start a girls’ boxing club, for which they will require appropriate equipment.  And they now offer boxercise classes for people who aren’t interested in boxing but are keen to improve their fitness.  Learning of the hard work and dedication from volunteer (but fully qualified IABA) coaches to encourage disadvantaged young people in Keady to take up positive sport, the Committee endorsed a grant of £1,000 from the Clothworkers’ NI Fund towards new competition boxing gloves, sparring gloves, punch bags and head guards.