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St Mary’s Creggan 1st & 2nd Derry Scout Group

Operating on a tight budget, the Creggan Scouts intended to run a summer camp at Culdaff over 4-6 August 2023.  Activities include kayaking, bouldering, archery and various other games.  And, in an effort to reduce the burden of some members who are less financially stable, the Group sought funding towards new uniforms and equipment for the camp (tents, games, etc).  Learning that for many of the Group it would be the only ‘holiday’ this year, and recognising the value of this to general wellbeing, the Committee agreed to award an Irish Society grant of £1,000.  We heard afterwards that “the camp was a great success thanks to your support and donation”, and despite the weather being awful on the Friday night!  The e-mail of thanks also included some photographs.