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St Patrick’s & St Brigid’s College, Claudy

A co-educational school for 11-16 year olds, St Patrick’s & St Brigid’s has 535 pupils from both rural areas and Derry City.  Attempting to update their ICT provision in classrooms, and with the ethos that ‘Believers are Achievers Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today’, they sought funding towards the cost of a new interactive panel (whiteboard).  The Committee agreed a grant of £1,000 from the NW Schools’ Fund.
Following its installation Vice-Principal, Mrs Elaine McAnaney, wrote to say that “We are very grateful for the financial assistance received.  It has enabled us to replace some very old equipment that was not fit for purpose.  It has made lessons much more engaging and is a fabulous resource”.  She included some photos of “Year 8 students using the new Interactive Panel purchased with the help of your generous grant”, adding that “It really is making a difference in the History classroom”.