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Urney St Columba’s GAC, Strabane

Established in 1945, Urney St Columba’s GAC offers sporting, social and recreational opportunities to those living in the North Tyrone area.  Over the years, the Club has continued to prosper on and off the field and provides GAA activities to some of the youngest members of the community (those in Primary 1 or reception) right through to their senior men and women’s teams that represent the Club in the Tyrone Championship.  They want to keep membership fees at a nominal rate so that young people and their families are not left with difficult decisions about whether or not they can afford to participate in sporting activities.  And, suggesting that an ‘investment’ by the Irish Society would ensure the Club does not have to use its reserves to buy equipment, they sought financial aid with the purchase of new goal posts for their underage section.  The Committee acknowledged that anything which encouraged participation in sport was good, particularly for children, and awarded a grant of £750 obo The Drapers’ Company.  Sean McDevitt wrote in July to confirm that “the purchase of the goal posts has helped with all aspects of youth training and matches.  All of our underage players both male and female have been able to use the goals posts and allowed our coaches to include more to each coaching session.  The entire club and membership are grateful to the Honourable Irish Society for their generous and thoughtful donation”.