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William Pinkerton Memorial Primary School, Ballymoney

Having recently upgraded interactive whiteboards in each classroom, WPMPS wished to further enhance teaching and learning by providing i-pads for all (initially purchasing a set of 10, but the ultimate aim being an i-pad for each individual child).  Research suggests i-pads in the classroom have a positive effect on the development of literacy and numeracy skills.  It also shows that use of these devices improve children’s communication skills, an area that has been negatively impacted upon by the pandemic.  And the School has a number of pupils with learning difficulties, who can boost their language development and social interaction through the use of i-pads.  Councillor Dobbins suggested that anything which assisted with children’s learning experiences was worthy of support and, hearing that the School has been fortunate enough to secure an external donor who has offered to match any other funds raised, the Committee agreed to a grant of £1,500.