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New Appointments

The Rt Hon. The Lord Mayor, Alderman William Russell has been confirmed as the Irish Society’s Governor for the next three years – although past Governor, ...
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Thanks from Cavell Nurses’ Trust

Following a further grant payment of £10,000 towards the Trust’s incredibly valuable work, John Orchard (Chief Executive) wrote to thank the Irish Society “for your ...
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Further Covid-19 related Grants

In addition to grants agreed by the Local Advisory Committee in May 2020, it was recognised that there were still many individuals and groups in ...
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School prize-giving

Although Trustees were unable to visit and attend the traditional prize-giving ceremonies this year, the Secretary was invited to participate in an outdoor event staged ...
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Causeway Coast & Glens Covid-19 information and advice

Following a donation of £3k to Causeway Coast & Glens Borough Council’s emergency fund in March 2020, Patricia O’Brien (Funding Unit Manager) reported that The Irish Society’s ...
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Spring Visit to NI

The Deputy Governor made a visit to Northern Ireland at the end of February.  Highlights included: A Local Advisory Committee meeting in Guildhall, Derry, where ...
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Deputy Governor Elect

At the Irish Society’s Court meeting on 28 January 2020, Wendy Hyde was elected as Deputy Governor for the years 2020/21 to 2022/23, succeeding Peter ...
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